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ScorpionTrack Fleet GPS Fleet Management An insurance approved fleet management tool GLOUCESTERSHIRE
An insurance approved fleet management tool
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Scorpion Track Fleet – Insurance Approved, Cat. 6 Accredited GPS Fleet Management System.

This system is a vehicle tracking and monitoring solution  suitable for all 12 and 24 volt vehicles including cars, HGV, LCV, plant and agricultural.

Benefits, Accreditations

The system is an invaluable tool in keeping track of your fleet of vehicles 24 hours a day.  It is also accepted by insurers as a Thatcham Category 6 accredited tracking device and is subject to a subscription with a minimum of a one year term. 


The system offers a host of system tools.     

       Easy to use, circular or user definable (polygonal) geo – fences – points of interest.

      Geo – fence creation from reports.

      Weather Conditions available by region on Live Map

      Traffic Conditions on Live Map

      Address Search from Live Map

      Alternative Map views.

      ‘Zoom’ to and ‘follow’ function

      Calendar with reminder function

      Automated Timesheets


The Scorpion Track Fleet system offers a comprehensive range of reports.        

      Idle Times

      Speed Reports

      Alert Reports

      Odd Hours report

      Point of Interest and geo - fence reports

      Engine Service (allows pre-defined alerts)

      Monthly and Daily Journey

System Requirements

The system will allow multiple users to log in simultaneously using:-

      Google Chrome

      Mozilla Firefox

      Android and iPad

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